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Aloha! I am the inventor of the 'ultrafeel-effect' and the creator and owner of ultrafeel TV. Inspiring others to find their inner beauty, by putting them into contact with outer beauty, is my passion - I live for moments of breathtaking elegance and mesmerizing artistry, hence I am addicted to perfect displays of absolute beauty, breathtaking nature and mesmerizing music. Furthermore, I love discovery of the yet undiscovered secret landscapes of consciousness through deep meditation, visionary psychedelics and sacred ero*tica. I generally despise dead traditions, dogma, organized religions, and the noise of church bells - seriously. Hence I look forward to the day when all minds become open. (The mind is like a parachute - it only works when it's open...!) Furthermore I support a hightech-eco-lifestyle: Vegan food, earthship-solar-housing, permaculture and the latest technologies such as for example nanotechnoloy, robotics and 3D printers which are really able to make a difference on our lovely little planet.

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He i s our technical and website-design consultant and runs Primavista GmbH, as well as his startup HomepageShop GmbH, which creates websites for small companies and private customers.

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