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Woman: here now as I am in existence

Am I Life Itself? (By Unmani Liza Hyde)

Unmani Liza Hyde answers the eternal question "Who am I?"

This is life

Life is.
There is no one living it.
It is not ‘my life’.
There is no ‘me’ that lives.
But I am Life.
This ‘I’ is not a personalised ‘me’.
It is not an assumed separate person.
There is no implied separation between the writer and the reader.
This ‘I’ is ‘you’.
This ‘I’ is all that is.
I am Life itself.

‘In what I am there is no box.
There is no safety.
Everything is exposed.
There is no definable box of a character.
Anything can happen.
Sitting with eyes closed can happen or bursting into tears can happen.
Nothing is more significant than anything else.
There is simply what happens.
There are no rules.
There are no limits.

This is not going anywhere.
This is the beginning and the end.
This is it.
There is nothing more or less.
This is the whole of Life and Death.
There is no journey.
This is it. There is nowhere else.
This has always been it.
There never has been a past and will never be a future.
This is all that has ever been longed for.
This is it.

(Unmani Liza Hyde)

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Summary of the Story

Unmani Liza Hyde answers the eternal question "Who am I?"

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