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Mind-Brain : Thoughts, concets, emotions, reality tunnels

Mind Functions By Defining – By Kip Mazuy

The mind functions by defining. And through definitions boundaries are created, separation is created.

Mind the gap.

There is this body
that is me
and everything else
that is not me.

So you experience something
the mind defines as pain in your chest
and that pain is separate from you.

It is something
that is happening to you.

It is alien to you
and a threat to you
and therefore something
must be done about it.

This is the natural process of the mind.
It is how the physical body survives.

Most people try
and approach meditation
from this mind perspective.

How can I,
as this body
get bliss
and get away from pain.

And so begins the struggle
and suffering
of frustrating meditations
that bear little fruit
because you have already
separated yourself from
your experience.

But you can be free of
all of this in an instant.

Simply by closing your eyes
and allowing yourself
to experience what is truly here
beyond thought.

By ‘feeling’ what is here
without defining or describing.

Without the mind,
all that is left
is sensation.

An experience
of energy,
conscious energy,
that has no boundaries.

What you experienced before
as pain is now
simply a movement of energy.

Instantly you are free
of all separation and conflict.
All stress and self-importance
goes out the window.

The mind / body experience
becomes something you witness
inside you rather than
you inside it.

So awareness is completely

This simple shift in perspective
changes everything in an instant.

Simply by removing the mind
as the perceiver,
what was an experience
of incessant conflict
now is just conscious energy;

An experience of unconditional peace.

(Kip Mazuy)


Kip Mazuy (from

Kip Mazuy is the founder of Bliss Music. He creates audio meditation programs and music that help people attaining blissful states of consciousness and support deep states of peace in meditation.

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Summary of the Story

The mind functions by defining. And through definitions boundaries are created, separation is created.

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