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Space Truck, futuristic, by designer Luigi Colani

Luigi Colani’s Space Truck

German designer Luigi Colani's created this ingenious futuristic Space Truck.

This so called ‘Space Truck’ by famous German industry-design star Luigi Colani uses 30% less fuel than comparable trucks. And looks way better!

The online newspaper, with their column ‘Green Investment’, has enabled to present this vehicle to a wider audience in Switzerland. The truck is currently touring through various Swiss cities such as Lucerne, Berne and Basle.  With the support of climate projects such as myclimate, SuisseEMEX and Green Village, the Mercedes Benz Actros truck will drive CO2-neutral.

The Space Truck is supposed to be presented to a wider public at the World Expo 2015.

Luigi Colani: Space Truck.

Colani develops streamlined trucks since the fifties. His goal: Saving fuel consumption through a flowing streamlined shape of the vehicles. The German controlling agency TÜV verified in 2005 that Colani’s truck uses 30% less fuel than a conventional truck. With its aeronautic curvatures, the Space Truck follows Colani’s main design characteristics: the rounded, organic forms, which he terms “biodynamic” and claims are ergonomically superior to traditional designs.

The earth is round, all the heavenly bodies are round; they all move on round or elliptical orbits.
This same image of circular globe-shaped mini worlds orbiting around each other follows us right down to the microcosmos.

We are even aroused by round forms in species propagation related eroticism. Why should I join the straying mass who want to make everything angular? I am going to pursue Galileo Galilei’s philosophy:
My world is also round.

(Luigi Colani)


Luigi Colani (Designer of biomorphic vehicles) in front of is BMW 700 car

Luigi Colani, born on  2nd of August 1928 in Berlin (originally named Lutz Colani) is German designer. He has become known through his biomorphic and aerodynamic forms for airplanes, cars and consumer goods.

More about this exceptional designer can be found on his website linked below.

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  • This looks absolutely amazing and very futuristic! However, if this were ever to go into the market, how good would the steering be on this space truck? It doesn’t look like it could make turns safely.

  • So so true! In the universe we live everything is round, circular, revolving and in our modern world we build everything in squares, buildings, houses, elevators and shelter ourselves in these boxes.
    How different things would be if all was round! If instead of putting everything within squares, we put ourselves on the circumference of a circle and innovated design in a circular motion!
    The possibilites are endless! Well done…cheers to the future truckies!

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Summary of the Story

German designer Luigi Colani's created this ingenious futuristic Space Truck.

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