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Streetparade Party 2008 : Fun-da-mental Sexy Photo Report

Enjoy the hottest, sexiest, most creative and most fun-da-mental outdoor party in Switzerland!

 Streetparade 2008 - Woman in bikini with waterdrops.
Bikini and waterdrops…

 Streetparade 2008: Bunnies, Butts and Ass...
He’s enjoying the butts of the bunnies…

Streetparade 2008 - female devil with whip
Female devil with whip…


 Streetparade 2008 - Woman devil in red and pink.
Another hot devil, this one without whip…

Streetparade 2008 - Fantasy devil women.
How about those fantasy devil women?


 Streetparade 2008 - Devil family with horns...
And a whole devil-family – or are some of them actually angels…?


 Streetparade 2008 - butterfly girl.
This butterfly girl is definitively an angel!

 Streetparade 2008 - Man in women's purple clothes.
What a cool dress…!

Streetparade 2008 - Guy with silver hair. Streetparade 2008 - Boy with red hair.

Streetparade 2008 - Girl with cool blue Iroquois punk hair.
All kind of hairstyles: This girl with blue Iroquois punk hair!

Streetparade 2008 - Blue and green 'hair'.
And ‘hair-masks’…


Streetparade 2008 : Ladyman - transvestite with lingerie. Streetparade 2008 : Woman with big breast, tits. Streetparade 2008 : Transvestite / Ladyman with angel costume.



Streetparade 2008 - Elegant woman with sunglasses.
At least this is a woman, for sure…!

Streetparade 2008 - Dominant police officer woman. Domina. Streetparade 2008 - Dominant women with whip. Dominas.

Women on the more BDSM-side of things… (Bondage, dominance, sadism, masochism)


Streetparade 2008 - Scottish guys frying sausages...
These ‘Scottish’ guys were frying sausages right in the middle of the whole Streetparade-crowd!

Streetparade 2008 - Guy with monkey on his back.
Cool guy with monkey on his back.

 Streetparade 2008 - Spidergirl, Spiderwoman, bodypainting
Bodypainting: Spidergirl

And that’s it for the moment. (There will be more to come later!)
For this last pleasure for the moment, enjoy these two men with their special penis protection…:

Streetparade 2008 - Cool men with special penis protection...

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  • Technoparties….und ob! Mehr als in der ganzen Schweiz und Deutschland zusammen… Leicht übertrieben, aber auf jeden Fall immer wieder etwas los!

    Bombenstimmung herrscht auf jeden Fall immer! Egal ob durch DJ`s aus Europa und den USA oder Bomben aus Israel! :=)

  • Hi Martin, in Beirut gibt es Vida la viva loca?! Echt?? Aber doch sicher keine Technopartie? Das ist doch dort verboten. Die haben ja allgemeins verbot für westliche Vergnügungen. Zum glück muss ich nicht dort versauern. Oder ist das wirklich so gut dort?

  • Hallo Angi,
    Es gibt noch mehr…lustige videos z.b., aber das dauert noch etwas.

  • hi! Kann man auch die restlichen Pic’s von der Streetparade bewundern… Hab da so ein Kärtchen von dir bekommen…:-)

  • :=( Did miss this Streetparade…………….. Oh boy, I hope to be there 09. But…… we have lot`s of viva la vida loca in Beirut too……!!!!!

  • Streetparade is and always was the world’s most fabulous party! It is indeed fun-da-mental….
    May it live forever!

  • How wonderful this party must have been. Thank you ultrafeel!!

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Summary of the Story

Enjoy the hottest, sexiest, most creative and most fun-da-mental outdoor party in Switzerland!

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